• Manufacturer Of Drawstring Waste Bag

    Manufacturer Of Drawstring Waste Bagproduct details  People always put garbage bags in garbage cans in their daily life, but when garbage is thrown in, because the edges are noContact Now

  • Ice Bag

    Ice Bagproduct details  Ice bags consist of two layers of non-woven fabrics, which are compressed into a special form of cross-linked acrylic polyoContact Now

  • CPE Gloves

    CPE Glovesproduct detailsCPE gloves are made of chlorinated polyethylene (CPe), which is a saturated macromolecule material. They are white powder in Contact Now

  • HDPE Gloves

    HDPE Glovesproduct details  In some industries with high frequency of glove replacement, disposable gloves are usually recommended, which can not only Contact Now

  • Disposable Ice Bag

    Disposable Ice Bagproduct details  Shape: spherical, heart-shaped, square and other shapes.  Quantity: 24-36  Usage: After water injection, freeze in refrigerContact Now

  • Cream Bag

    Cream Bagproduct details  Cream bag  Butter bags, also known as mounted flower bags, are mainly used in pastry making.  The shape of the butter bag iContact Now

  • Shoe Covers

    Shoe Coversproduct details  Shoe cover is a kind of barrel-shaped sleeve which is put on the outside of shoes to prevent wear and contamination of the Contact Now

  • Disposable Aprons

    Disposable Apronsproduct details  Disposable aprons are mostly used in industries with high requirements for workers'hygiene and frequent apron replacement, Contact Now

  • TPE Gloves

    TPE Glovesproduct detailsTPE gloves are waterproof, oil-proof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, bacteria-proof, non-toxic, tasteless, one-time use, hygienic Contact Now

  • Disposable CPE Gloves

    Disposable CPE Glovesproduct detailsThe disposable CPE gloves are made of polyethylene. For food processing, medical care, drug preparation, kitchen cooking, houContact Now

  • Food Packaging Bag

    Food Packaging Bagproduct details  The use of food packaging bags is quite common. It not only plays a very good protective role in food and prevents leakage Contact Now

  • Supermarket Shopping Bags

    Supermarket Shopping Bagsproduct details  Supermarket shopping bags are thicker and more resilient than ordinary light bags. They are generally divided into three tyContact Now

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