CPE Gloves

CPE Gloves

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  product details

  CPE gloves are made of chlorinated polyethylene (CPe), which is a saturated macromolecule material. They are white powder in appearance, non-toxic and tasteless. They have excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance and aging resistance. They have good oil resistance, flame retardancy and coloring performance. It has good toughness (it still has flexibility at - 30 ~C)。 Used for gloves making, non-toxic, tasteless and safe to use, more comfortable than ordinary PE gloves. CPE gloves have a broader market prospect.

  Size: S, M, L, XL

  Thickness: customized on demand

  Packaging: Boxed, Bagged, etc.

  CPE gloves can be customized on demand. Our company has import and export rights and flexible quotation. Changle Pengjie Plastic Products Co., Ltd. welcomes people from all walks of life to consult and understand.