Disposable CPE Gloves

Disposable CPE Gloves

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  The disposable CPE gloves are made of polyethylene. For food processing, medical care, drug preparation, kitchen cooking, housework, hair dyeing, barbecue camping and other restaurants need to touch food by hand. Keep your hand skin, avoid excessive contact with the efficacy of alkaline detergent, and be a good product for home life. Dust-proof, anti-fouling, light, flexible, oil-resistant, detergent-resistant strong ethylene products. The surface of disposable CPE gloves is specially processed, which can prevent adhesion, slide hands, breathe well, economically durable, and can be mixed with left and right hands.

  Scope of application: food processing and kitchen conditioning; hospital care and drug support; household cleaning/disinfection; restaurant/direct contact with food; large supermarket/restaurant mixing food by hand; hair dyeing, baking oil, etc.