HDPE Gloves

HDPE Gloves

Product Details

  product details

  In some industries with high frequency of glove replacement, disposable gloves are usually recommended, which can not only avoid cross-infection, but also greatly save the cost of replacement, such as medical industry, laboratory, food processing industry and other industries with high health requirements. It is very convenient to use, and because its surface is concave and convex, it can prevent adhesion, and can be mixed with left and right hands, so it has become a widely used product. Simply put, HDPE gloves can touch food, non-toxic.

  Size: S, M, L, XL

  Thickness: customized on demand

  Packaging: Boxed, Bagged

  Features: It has the functions of waterproof, oil-proof, bacteria-proof, acid-proof and alkali-proof, and anti-bacterial.