Manufacturer Of Drawstring Waste Bag

Manufacturer Of Drawstring Waste Bag

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  People always put garbage bags in garbage cans in their daily life, but when garbage is thrown in, because the edges are not fixed, the garbage bags will sink, and when they take out the garbage bags, their hands will be dirty. A rubber band is arranged on the edge of the existing garbage bag, which can solve the problem of the garbage bag sinking. But the rubber band on the edge of the garbage bag is fixed on the garbage can, so it is difficult to take it out.

  In view of the above situation, a roped garbage bag manufacturer designed to take out the garbage bag conveniently and quickly, and tighten the garbage bag mouth. The purpose of the garbage bag manufacturer is to realize a garbage bag with pulling rope. A pulling rope hole is arranged at the edge of the bag mouth, and a pulling rope is arranged in the pulling rope hole. Both ends of the pulling rope are exposed outside. When in use, the bag is wrapped in the trash can, the edge of the opening is turned out, the rope is tightened, and the ends of the rope are tied tightly, so that the bag is fixed on the trash can.

  When the garbage bags are taken out, the garbage bags are knotted when they are separated from the garbage cans, then the ends of the ropes are tightened and knotted, and the garbage is sealed and stored in the garbage bags, and then thrown away. The garbage bag can be fixed on the garbage bin by pulling rope, which is convenient for throwing garbage. After taking out the garbage bag, the rope can be tightened again and the garbage can be sealed in the garbage bag to avoid the garbage being exposed when throwing garbage.