Self-styled bag manufacturers teach you how to better play the function of self-styled bags
- 2018-11-30-

The appearance of self-styled bags to our life has brought a lot of convenience, you can use it as a lot of small items packaging, such as: female jewelry, small hardware, toys and other internal and external packaging. And there are some self-styled bags can also store a lot of small food, tea, seafood and so on, with a relatively good moisture-proof, anti-Chuanwei, waterproof, anti-insect effect. So, want to better play the role of self-styled bags, what need to pay attention to the place? TodaySelf-styled bag manufacturersChangle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. recommends that you:
1, self-styled bags need to be placed in a relatively clean place for storage, and to let the self-sealing bag of the seal zipper near the part to keep clean, if there is fiber, dust and other debris in, will reduce the performance of the seal, it is recommended that the self-styled bag with water gauze wipe clean before closing the zipper. You can also put the zipper of the self-styled bag repeatedly slip several times, such a self-styled bag closed after relatively suitable, to ensure that the seal of two bars can be buckled into the groove to ensure the role of sealing. After pumping, please check the seal again to see if it is well sealed.
2, self-styled bag in the process of pumping air with pumping gas pump, the pump should be pumped into the spiral interface to the end, to the vents of the white rubber gasket, so that the interface will not leak air, generally a large self-sealing bag needs to pump 3 to 5 minutes, self-sealing bag about 300 or 500 will have a distinct flattening phenomenon.
3, in the use of pumping air pump pay attention to continuous pumping, do not pause. It is good to have a vacuum cleaner in the home, that is, labor-saving and convenient. If the self-styled bag is to be stored in a cupboard or elsewhere, it is also important to note that there is no sharp object at the storage site to ensure that the self-sealing bag is not damaged.
4. Do not let the sharp object scrape to the self-styled bag, you can choose to operate on the bed or on a clean table, if the stored items have button zipper and other hard things, you need to fold in the inside and then put in the collection bag.
5, clothes, quilts and other items to be stored with self-sealing bags, should be at least 3-5 cm away from the seal zipper, large items do not force into. This will enable us to better protect our products when using self-styled bags.