Garbage bag manufacturers tell you what categories and uses of garbage bags are
- 2018-11-27-

With the demand for garbage bags to become better, garbage bag manufacturers more and more sales and product pages, in the face of more and more types of garbage bags in the market, how can we choose a suitable for their own use of garbage bags? TodayGarbage bag ManufacturersChangle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. tells you what categories and uses of garbage bags are.
Classification of garbage bags:
1, environmental protection type and non-environmental protection type: degradable for environmental protection type.
2, according to the use of: sanitary type and civil type.
3, by Color score: black, yellow, gray, white and a small part of green.
4, according to the specifications: commonly used 40x50cm,75cmx90cm,120x140cm and so on.
5, according to the weight of grams: the same specifications of the weight of the heavier relative thicker.
6, according to raw materials: raw materials and re-materials.
Garbage bags also have to buy precautions
1, according to different places of use to choose different garbage bags, such as health facilities and catering should choose thicker garbage bags, do not allow pollutants to leak out, and other health agencies choose different colors of garbage bags and ordinary household waste to distinguish.
2. Choose the size model that is matched with the trash can to reduce unwanted waste.
3. There are times when we buy garbage bags will find the bottom of the seal easy to crack, in the purchase we should pay attention to this, do not let the contaminants leak out.
4. When purchasing garbage bags to check the specifications, weight and tensile force, in order to reduce the individual dealers stealing nutrients, but also for their own small part of the heart.
We in the daily life will actually make some rubbish, and the amount of food and beverage garbage and snack garbage is relatively large, so garbage bags have become a small thing in our lives, so choose a quality of the protection of garbage bags is a more important thing, garbage bag selection is good for our quality of life changes are beneficial , so garbage bag manufacturers Changle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. recommends that you also have some understanding of the choice of garbage bags.