The vest bag manufacturer tells you what the manufacturing process is for the vest bag.
- 2018-11-27-

AsVest bag Manufacturers, Today Changle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. to introduce to you the production process of vest bag is what? I hope you can have an understanding of the vest bag, because now the market, the use of vest bags more and more high.
Vest Bag bag Making machine is one of the categories of automatic non-woven bag making machine, by the automatic non-woven bag making machine is divided into planar bag making machine, flat pocket manufacturing machine, vest bag making machine, plug bag manufacturing machine, bottom bag making machine, semi-three-dimensional bag making machine, these machines are more important equipment for the manufacture of garbage bags.
Each equipment produces different types of garbage bags, these equipment can produce vest bags, handbags, flat pockets, interpolation bags, bottom bags and other non-woven bags.
Vest Bag: Length 50, three cm can be set length of three cm, we use the vest bag manufacturing equipment work stable, l-type structure, can be relatively large savings footprint, configuration of the lack of material protection system, correction system, so that the product pass rate has a relatively large strengthening, replacement of the pressure wheel can change the cutting edge, suture process, modular design, Spare parts replacement is convenient and simple, PLC program control, high precision, small error, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, stable performance, easy to debug, simple operation, easy to learn and use.
The process of making vest bag manufacturers is: loading, folding, ultrasonic bonding, cutting, bag making, waste recovery, counting, stacking. In addition to 1, 2 people to feed, receive finished products, the remaining steps to adopt automation, reduce labor intensity, so that work efficiency can be improved; production speed and product size could be adjusted in some ranges; multi-function automatic non-woven bag making machine using touch screen operation, with stepper fixed length, photoelectric heel, automatic counting, automatic punching and other industrial control devices; In order to further realize the role of energy conservation and environmental protection, a residual recycling device has been installed to automatically collect the waste generated during the production process in order to facilitate the use of two times.