Why more and more people like to use drawstring garbage bags
- 2018-11-27-

With the living standards of residents more and more high, people in addition to eat more and more good, for the current residents, the family's garbage is relatively kitchen and catering garbage, these garbage waste oil more, the variety is more messy, and like bone fish spines and so on and sharp, this garbage can not be directly into the sewer, So more and more people began to choose garbage bags for processing, but if the choice of garbage bag quality is not good, it will make all the oil, causing two of pollution, so Changle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. suggests that you can choose when choosing a garbage bagPumping Rope Garbage bag, not only clean but also more convenient to extract.
We Changle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of drawstring garbage bags manufacturers, our drawstring garbage bags have the following characteristics:
1. The use of new raw materials production, thickness is relatively large, relatively strong, cost-effective comparison of high.
2. Load-bearing is relatively good, can bear 20 Jin of water, do not drip.
3. Garbage bags are not the thicker the better, the toughness ability is the key, our drawstring garbage bag toughness is good, tensile resistance.
4. Our weight is real, the packing is strict, there are no broken bags.
5. Our drawstring garbage bag adopts the point Break design, the breakpoint is clear and tidy, the tear is simple and quick.
6. The use of a better sealing process, the force comparison of uniform, not easy to tear and cut.
7. No smell, and there are more colors, suitable for the classification of garbage.
We Changle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. rope garbage bag after many years of testing, has also experimented with a lot of kitchen waste, can be better to bear this garbage, not only garbage collection is convenient, mention the dustbin is still stable, will not appear garbage bag breakage situation, and a hand can be mentioned several packets, Customers in need are welcome to order our drawstring garbage bags.