How should the flat mouth garbage bag be operated more conveniently?
- 2018-11-27-

We use it at home.Flat Mouth garbage bagWill make some mistakes, these mistakes will let us in the use of the role of the flat garbage bag, resulting in waste, and sometimes will cause two of pollution, today Changle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. to teach you how to use flat garbage bags?
1. First to know is their own garbage basket needs how much flat mouth garbage bag, too big or too small are not good, too much waste easy to fall, too small set can not go up.
2. Second, the flat mouth garbage bag do not pay to buy a lot of back, because that is a waste of money, because the flat garbage bag many are used degradable materials, there is a shelf life, if the retention of a longer period of time, will cause the garbage bag natural degradation, so that the toughness of the flat garbage bag reduced, more easily damaged when used, So after using to buy on the line, anyway, now the purchase is also more convenient, basically supermarkets and shopping malls will buy.
3. Put the flat garbage bag on the garbage basket when you should pay attention to the lock, otherwise the garbage will enter the flat mouth garbage bag outside the place, resulting in two pollution, it is not easy to clean. You can use a clip to clamp the flat mouth garbage bag, so that even if the flat garbage bag is a little small and does not matter, can still be used normally.
4. Flat mouth garbage bag filled with garbage to be timely to solve, tie the mouth of the bag, will clamp flat garbage bag clip to go under the new flat mouth garbage bag.
5. The garbage in time to clear out the room, if the time is very easy to scatter the smell of stinky, but also very can provoke the patronage of mosquitoes and flies, the impact on the room is relatively large, so the flat mouth garbage bag should remember to replace in time.
Flat mouth garbage bag when used should also be careful not to pull too hard, so as to avoid the flat mouth garbage bag after the leakage caused by garbage.