How to pick a classified garbage bag for your own use
- 2018-11-27-

First, the selection of word-of-mouth is better or sales are relatively highClassified garbage bags
Classified garbage bags and clothes, there are many brands, we choose the classification of garbage bags when we should pay attention to the selection of brands, it is recommended to choose a better word of mouth or sales of higher brands, such a brand of classified garbage bags is relatively slightly more expensive than other, but this brand of classified garbage bag quality or some protection.
Second, the choice of vest type of classified garbage bag
Now there are many kinds of classified garbage bags on the market, some ordinary breakpoints, the whole is a rectangular flat bag, but the small part does not recommend that you buy such a classified garbage bag, because there is no portable design, the bag is full you can not tie up, so in the use of the process is relatively inconvenient, And it's easy to scatter out.
Third, to choose a larger than the trash bins of classified garbage bags
This believe that we all have a deep understanding, if the classification of garbage bags than garbage cans, the first to the trash can be put on the time is not convenient, but also easy to tear occurred. Secondly, the classification of garbage bags small words, drop a little bit of things will fall down as a whole, and sometimes the garbage has been classified garbage bags submerged, sorting up more troublesome. But classified garbage bags can not be much larger than bins, because it is wasteful, usually the junior to five cm on it.
Iv. classification of garbage bags to choose a breakpoint type of
Breakpoint classification Garbage Bag first in the storage is more convenient, do not occupy space, second such a classified garbage bag will be cost-effective, than buy a dozen and a dozen classified garbage bags is much cheaper, and this classified garbage bag can usually be used for a long time.
Five, try to choose the flat bottom of the classified garbage bag
Compared to the round bottom or octagonal bottom, flat bottom of the classified garbage bag more can be installed Ah, a little larger capacity, the choice of such a classified garbage bag will be a little more affordable.
Although the classification of garbage bags is only a small living item in life, but if this is not good to buy or not suitable, it will bring us a lot of unnecessary trouble. Therefore, the selection of classified garbage bags should be prudent.