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Storage methods and application range of degradable garbage bags
- 2018-11-27-

Garbage bags, as the name suggests, are garbage bags, a small bag, but to many home users to bring a lot of convenience, but also for environmental protection to provide a more important guarantee, and even for garbage recycling classification has a relatively large help. Below Changle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. for you to introducedegradable garbage BagsStorage methods and scope of application.
Biodegradable garbage bags can be adapted to many applications in a variety of ways
Degradable garbage bag specifications are diverse, biodegradable garbage bags are also multimodal, it corresponds to different specifications are divided into Point break type, flat mouth type, back ear type, easy to tie, wear rope type, rabbit ear type and so on. Each style can have different specifications can be used, the key is to see where to use, if the home can choose a simple point Break type
Garbage bag specifications in daily life is a relatively common existence, because it is more widely used in life, in the garbage bins next to the road has its guardian, in the restaurant has its silent dedication, where you can also see its role in our lives, in order to maintain our future living space to maintain a piece of pure land.
What are the storage methods for degradable garbage bags?
We first look for a usually used tissue paper pumping box, and then the biodegradable garbage bag classification, will be large and small separate. Then the sub-biodegradable garbage bags are flattened, the biodegradable garbage bags stacked into carton size, and then the carton side of the mouth open, the overlapping biodegradable garbage bags can be put in. Size is open, large for large trash bins, small for small trash bins. Because biodegradable garbage bags are very fluffy, biodegradable garbage bags automatically bounce up when they are pumped, making them easy to use and clean the kitchen, while also saving money on the cost of buying biodegradable garbage bags.