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Why more and more places are now promoting the use of biodegradable garbage bags
- 2018-11-27-

Now more and more enterprises and supermarkets and other places in the promotion of the use ofdegradable garbage Bags, the concept of environmental protection has become more and more hot these years, degradable garbage bags have ushered in a new direction of development, so what are the characteristics of degradable garbage bags, what should be paid attention to when using? Today Changle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. for everyone to tell.
1, degradable garbage bags have degradable dregs of the logo
Degradable plastic bags have a unified environmental logo, for the Qing Mountains, green water, the sun and 10 rings composed of green signs, if it is food plastic bags, but also the need to print food QS logo, and labeled "Food."
2, the storage of degradable garbage bags
Degradable Plastic bags shelf life of about three months, even if not used, to five months, will also show natural degradation phenomenon, the sixth month, plastic bags will have a lot of "snowflakes", can not be used. Under composting conditions, even freshly made biodegradable plastic bags take three months to degrade completely.
3. Why use biodegradable garbage bags
Degradable plastic bags and plastic tableware are new biodegradable materials. Ordinary plastic bags, plastic tableware touch the "white pollution" problem, not synthetic at the bottom of the ground, crops, water, livestock and ourselves are harmful. and biodegradable plastic products buried in the soil, because four weeks of environment can achieve the synthesis request, will be completely synthesized into carbon dioxide and water, belong to the use of no environmental pollution, the human body and the environment does not cause harm.
4. Prospect of degradable garbage bags
We know that in recent years China has paid more and more attention to environmental protection, promulgated a lot of policies and regulations to protect the environment, and the restrictions on plastic bags began to be implemented many years ago, so the emergence of degradable garbage bags is in line with this trend, to achieve the role of packaging and collection, but also better to achieve the role of environmental protection, Therefore, the prospect of degradable plastic bags is still relatively good.