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Self-styled bag manufacturers tell you what the test criteria are for plastic self-styled bags
- 2018-11-27-

Now the self-styled bag can be used for many small items inside and outside the packaging, can store a lot of small food, tea, seafood, etc., self-styled bags can also be used for clothing and other daily necessities packaging, the use of a wider range.Self-styled bag manufacturersChangle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. production of self-styled bags can be automatically sealed without the use of other tools, more common clamping chain self-sealing bags, self-adhesive sealing bags and so on.
Clip Chain self-sealing bag is also called dense bag, by any bag, sealed bag, clip chain bag, bone bag. With polyethylene and high-voltage line polyethylene through the blow film molding, eager mechanism bag, made of a plastic bag can be repeated sealing. Common materials are pe,eva,pet, composite bags and so on.
Adhesive self-Sealing bag type is more, the use of single film cut back, both sides of the heat seal, and then in the bag side of the internal test affixed to the glue mouth, common materials are: OPP adhesive, Courier bags (multi-layer coextrusion film), PP,PVC and so on.
Plastic self-styled bag has a good sealing, because of this reason, it can be in food, industry, agriculture and other fields have been more applications.
Sealability determines the value of a plastic self-styled bag, but in the daily routine there are often some problems, such as in the production process, due to the production of more links, may produce hot seal leakage, pressure wear or the material itself cracks, micropores, and the formation of internal and external connections of small holes or weak intensity points. These will directly affect the sealing of the self-styled bag, which is to go to the self-styled bag to protect the meaning of the product.
If the self-styled bag loses its sealability, it is no different from ordinary plastic bags, so how to detect the sealing of plastic self-styled bags? Self-styled bag manufacturers Changle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. summed up the following methods for your reference.
1. Vacuum observation method, self-sealing bag applicable materials ibid. The sealing performance of the specimen is determined by vacuum air vacuum, the internal and external pressure difference of the specimen, the observation of the sample expansion and the recovery of the shape of the specimen after the release of the vacuum.
2. Water Midtown Pressure Method (vacuum method), through the vacuum chamber vacuum, so that the sample immersed in water to produce internal and external pressure difference, observe the sample gas escape or water inward infiltration situation, in order to determine the sealing performance of the specimen.
3. No water immersion method, the sample will be filled with test liquid, sealed after the specimen placed on the filter paper, to observe the test liquid from the sample inward and outside the leak. It should be measured both sides.