• Non Woven Bag

    Non Woven Bagproduct details  Non-woven bags can be recycled repeatedly, which is a responsible attitude to the environment. At the same time, non-woven bags manufacturers should also have enviContact Now

  • Twenty Fold Back Garbage Bag

    Twenty Fold Back Garbage Bagproduct details  In the garbage bag industry, the 20% discount double-backed garbage bag is used by many families because of its convenience. What should we pay attention to in theContact Now

  • Vest Bag

    Vest Bagproduct details  Vest bags are often used in people's daily life, and are often used to hold other items. It is applied because of its low cost, light weight, large capacity and eaContact Now

  • Classified garbage bags

    Classified garbage bagsChangle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. classified garbage bag style: Wear rope garbage bag, 80 percent garbage bag (flat coil), vest bag, 80 percent back (hand-attached roll).   ClasContact Now

  • degradable garbage Bags

    degradable garbage BagsI plant can be customized production of fully degraded and biodegradable garbage bags, biodegradable and photodegradation can be achieved. After the decomposition of fully degradedContact Now

  • Kitchen Spare garbage bag

    Kitchen Spare garbage bagChangle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. production and manufacture of kitchen waste bags have the following characteristics: 1. The process has been newly improved by selecting newer mContact Now

  • Fully degradable garbage bags

    Fully degradable garbage bagsChangle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. production and manufacture of fully degradable garbage bag features: Fully degraded garbage bags can be decomposed by biodegradation and photodegContact Now

  • Classified Garbage bag Manufacturers

    Classified Garbage bag ManufacturersClassified garbage bag Manufacturers Changle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a production and manufacture of garbage bags company, the company is located in Weifang, Shandong ProvincContact Now

  • zip lock bag

    zip lock bagAs a zip lock bag of Changle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Self-styled bag introduction: Material of self-styled bag: LDPE Thickness of self-sealing bag: Support customization Size ofContact Now

  • Vest bag Manufacturers

    Vest bag ManufacturersVest Bag Factory Changle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Vest bag Introduction: Vest bags are often called horse jackets in our lives and are the more common plastic garbage bags in lifContact Now

  • Garbage bag Manufacturers

    Garbage bag ManufacturersChangle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a garbage bag manufacturers, manufacturing and sales of many types of garbage bag products. Garbage bags in our lives occupy a relatively largContact Now

  • Pumping Rope Garbage bag

    Pumping Rope Garbage bagChangle Plastic Products Co., Ltd. production of drawstring garbage bags with the following characteristics:   1. DrawString garbage bags in a variety of colors, compared to the tContact Now